Meet Loren! She is our new face for the practice and Clinical Pilates instructor. She is here to ignite your love for reformer Clinical Pilates and get your body feeling better than ever.

Loren has recently moved from Adelaide where she studied a Bachelor of Health Sciences and has put her Masters’ degree studies of Physiotherapy on hold to gain experience in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy was a natural choice for her due to her passion for encouraging people of all ages and abilities to feel empowered within their own bodies.

Loren has also completed her certification in Pilates Instructing through APPI and worked at a boutique Pilates studio prior to her move. Her love of Pilates stems from the positive impact it has on the movement ability of all the people she has instructed. It is a fabulous form of exercise that always leaves her coming back for more.

You can expect Loren’s classes to have a strong focus on finessing the fundamental movements necessary for everyday function. She believes in building strength and endurance in ways that are beneficial for everyday life and challenging her clients just the right amount to feel strong.

Loren also has no trouble keeping the conversation flowing, whether it be about her latest TV show obsession, or inviting those around her to laugh with her as she struggles with the challenges of living out of home for the first time.

Loren is a bubbly bundle of energy, and we’re sure you’ll leave each of her classes feeling more energized than when you came in!