A3 Performance Centre was developed with the expressed goal of bringing a more integrated approach to understanding injury occurrence with human movement and development for Advance performance.

A3 Performance Centre utilises advanced cutting-edge physical assessment, corrective movement prescription and strength training to take you from Injury Diagnosis through Accelerated Rehabilitation and onto Advance Performance.

We believe that hard and precise training develops the physical qualities that allow you to excel and avoid injury. This combination of physical therapy, training and coaching paired with advanced assessment and expert interpretation leads to more effective program design, appropriate training and ultimately you becoming healthier, stronger and a higher performing individual.

If we train muscles we will forget Movements, but if we train Movements we will never forget muscles

Over the previous five years we have been involved with significant athletic player development programs with EXOS (formerly Athletes Performance) a company from the USA solely focused on development and preparation of athletes for elite performance. Many of the techniques, programs and sporting strategies that use to belong in the exclusive domain of elite professional athletes are now available to our clients.

At the Core of our A3 Performance Centre is the philosophy of utilising High Intensity Movements, through the use of three different types of training – weight lifting, Plyometrics and explosive core training.

Our results are achieved through the stimulus of these three types of training to enhance your nervous system adaptation.

  • In our weight training, we combine high load strength movements with biomechanically similar Plyometric and ballistic movements, which enhances muscle function, leading to greater performance of explosive athletic movements.
  • Our Plyometric training is focused on producing greatest ground floor force production, while focusing on correct ground contact to avoid injury.
  • We also employ explosive rotational movements, as all sport has rotation in its requirements.

A3 Performance Centre

At Advance Physiotherapy each athlete receives a comprehensive evaluation consisting of

  • Movement testing
  • Functional Movement testing
  • Biomechanical Alignment Analysis
  • Neurodynamic testing
  • Muscle and Movement Control evaluation
  • Sport Specific technique analysis
  • Running analysis
    • Technique correction
    • Speed, Agility & Quickness
    • Endurance running for Sport
  • Strength and Conditioning Programming