Physiotherapy Services for Treating Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines
Are those headache tablets no longer providing you with headache pain relief?  Are your headaches so powerful that at times you can’t even function? If your headache or migraine pain is difficult to get rid of by ordinary means then there may be an underlying physical problem with your neck (cervical spine) and head posture. Advance Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre’s professional physiotherapists can help identify the underlying problematic neck joint and muscles that may be the real cause of your headaches.

Often a neck joint or muscular problem manifests itself as headache pain, which can be relieved with high standard physiotherapy. Our treatment for headache and migraines will identify the underlying cause and through neck joint mobilisation, posture correction, muscle strengthening and specific massage therapy we will assist you remove headache from your daily life.

Advance physiotherapists can provide lasting relief from your headaches and migraines.

Neck pain, headache and migraine has many causes including:

  • Improper work posture
  • Neck muscle weakness, with resultant spasm and tightness
  • Neck injury resulting from a driving accident (whiplash)
  • Repetitive motion
  • Head position in sitting and keyboard work
  • Pinched nerves (nerve impingement) causing a tingling or numb sensation in the upper neck, shoulder or when severe down your arm into the hand.

Physiotherapy techniques for neck pain treatment first manage the pain itself and then begin the healing process with individually specific corrective exercises, stretching and muscle release massage. Each patient is unique, so the individual treatment and therapy plan helps you not only recover from the pain, but also strengthen the muscle groups in the neck to prevent further headaches.

Treatment for Headache and Neck Pain Relief Available at Two Convenient NSW Locations
Advance Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre’s physiotherapists provide gold standard service in headache and migraine treatment and neck pain relief. Advanced hands-on techniques for neck pain can provide relief for neck injuries and strains to the upper spine. Advance Physiotherapists operate from two convenient locations serving the Upper North Shore (Mona Vale) and Warringah (Frenchs Forest) to provide easy access to our professional and individualised physiotherapy services.
Organise your appointment today with one of our physiotherapists in Frenchs Forest or Mona Vale and get lasting relief from your headache and neck pain.