Spinal Muscle Strengthening Program for CORE Stability

The predominant cause of lower back and neck injury is from spinal muscle weakness. This leads to the development of tears in your disc; the slipped disc scenario. Over exertion of the lumbar spine when lifting or during strenuous repetitive work can strain and weaken the spinal muscles and result in tears in your spinal disc.

Our primary methods of treatment are to:

  • Create symmetry in your spine through the use of hands on treatment only (NO machines)
  • Movement correction
  • Mobilisation and targeted stretching of your spinal joints
  • Specific muscle massage therapy
  • Co-ordinate the functioning of your Core stability muscles

Your hands-on treatment is followed by performing highly specific corrective exercises for the lower back and neck to strengthen and rehabilitate the spinal muscles and spinal discs. This prevents further lumbar and cervical spine strain by making the muscles stronger and more flexible.

Our Spinal Strengthening programs will provide

  • Strength & resistance to further back and neck injuries
  • A strong core
  • Improve your whole body alignment
  • Enhance your co-ordination
  • Facilitate greater mobility and flexibility
  • Advance your sporting performance

Core Stability Strengthening

The CORE of the Human body is 4 key integral components

  • Diaphragm – learn how to breathe normally and use this most vital of muscles for a stronger and symmetrical body
  • Pelvic Floor – must learn to contract and relax these muscles during movement and lifting
  • Transverse Abdominus – the ‘corset’ of the spine – perhaps the most important muscle in the body
  • Multifidus – the muscle that prevents injury to the spine

To obtain a strong core, you must have the necessary ability to know how to contract and use these 4 muscles in a coordinated manner in all of your movements.

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