We all want to run faster. We train to get stronger, but we ignore improving running technique.

Research shows that runners of all levels can improve efficiency by 4.5 to 8% by improving technique.

This is a huge amount of additional speed, with 4.5% of an hours running equaling

2 minutes and 42 seconds faster.

Continue training hard to improve fitness, but don’t ignore running technique development that offers the greatest amount of additional speed.

You will enjoy running more, whilst improving your performance & reducing your risk of injury with our exclusive 12 week A3 Performance Runningprogram. You’ll understand how your current technique is impeding your improvement & how you can correct your running inefficiencies. We will teach you how to run correctly through making positive changes in your technique. You will be more in control & running faster than you have before.

A3 Performance Running will teach you how to run without hitting the ground as hard and to better use the elastic tissue recoil in your legs to run on your natural springs. You will run faster and further, suffer from far fewer injuries, and have a lot more fun running.

The 3 key benefits of our A3 Performance running program are:

  • Running Technique correction through individualised video analysis and evaluation of inefficient running movement
  • Learning optimal running technique efficiency & corrective drills to make you run faster
  • Run with confidence through your improved technique
  • Reduce your risk of injury through improved running technique

Your running program will assess and analyse every aspect of your running technique. The results of your evaluation will help you gain a full understanding of the way you move in your running technique.