Our Clinical Pilates Classes are clinically and injury focused, ensuring you are correcting all the factors as to why you got injured.

Join our classes & achieve the core and spinal strength you’ve always known you need.
We can help you get over your back and neck pain.

Your Clinical Pilates program will have specifically targeted strengthening exercises developed by physiotherapists to maximise your recovery and prevent further injuries. Your exercises are provided at the right point of recovery to ensure you reach your goals as fast as possible.

Our classes will ensure you get your ‘core’ strong

University proven exercises that we use in our classes will ensure that you achieve

  • Achieve greater movement and flexibility
  • Accurate Correction of your movement
  • Accelerate your Core strength training
  • Advance your sporting performance
  • Correct your posture
  • Correct recovery of your injury

Our classes are different?

  • Physiotherapists supervise and instruct the classes
  • Small classes, maximum of 4 people for greater supervision & correction
  • Each client uses a Clinical Pilates reformer
  • Exercise program is specific to your injury & recovery
  • Progressive resistance muscle training from easy to increasingly more challenging
  • Low impact on your joints

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