Early Treatment Of Hip Problems To Avoid Future Painful Hip Joint issues
The hip can sustain injury during repeated movements, micro trauma or from high impact sports. Muscle strain and tendinosis (tendonitis) around the hip can be well managed for pain, through specific physiotherapy treatment for correction of pelvic alignment, symmetrical movement of the leg, specific stretches of the hip joint and capsule. We will then focus on the muscles to be strengthened through a personalised exercise and physiotherapy injury recovery plan.

By not taking early action, it will put you in a position where your failure to do so may increase your susceptibility for developing arthritis in the hip joint.

Early signs of hip problems can include:

  • Hip pain that occurs at night, especially when sleeping on your side
  • Bending and squatting becomes difficult and painful in the groin and deep buttock
  • Climbing up and down stairs becomes increasingly difficult
  • Groin pain on crossing legs
  • Pain along the upper section of your gluteal muscles (buttock muscles) along the upper edge of your pelvis

Hip problems do not have to be debilitating and in many cases can be managed with appropriate, individually tailored physiotherapy services. Early identification and treatment of the symptoms of hip problems is important to prevent arthritis, surgery and even hip replacement.

Do you have pain following your hip replacement surgery?
Hip replacement surgery may not always result in a comfortable return to full range of motion, strength and normal movement during walking and squatting. Problems can still persist and worsen after Hip replacement surgery. In most cases, our physiotherapy services for the hip will provide a means to control the hip pain and subsequently improve greater movement in the affected hip joint and muscles involved.
Advance Physiotherapy will plan an individualised, post-operative recovery rehabilitation program to stretch and strengthen areas of the hip and pelvis to restore your mobility and flexibility. Contact us today to book your appointment.