Do you suffer from acute back or neck pain, spinal disc injury or recurring lower back injuries?

85% of people will have an acute low back injury

and up to 15% of people will have pelvic girdle pain.

The most concerning fact is that within the first year following your low back injury; 86% of people will suffer re-occurrences of their injury with 40% re-injuring within the first 3 months.

When you have suffered pain, your brain inhibits the normal function of the spinal muscle – You must learn how to activate these muscles to protect your spine from further injury.

Advance Physiotherapy will narrow down the cause of your lower back pain and identify specific low back pain treatments and strengthening programs that will help you get pain free sooner.

Back Injury: Cause and Treatment

How your back or neck injury was caused will provide clues to whether the pain is coming from spinal muscle, your spinal disc, spinal facet joint or spinal nerve.

Our physiotherapists will develop a focused treatment and strengthening plan to immediately address any movement issues, preventing re-injury and improving your flexibility.

The scientific evidence based strategies to overcome spinal injuries and recurrent low back pain along with preventing the degenerative progression incorporates a 3 point intervention protocol;

  • Analgesia – correct pain and anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Appropriate manual physiotherapy; specific mobilisation of the joint and muscle restrictions
  • Specific individualised exercise programs; regularly supervised by physiotherapist with progressively graded retraining of the inner stability and outer prime mover muscles of your spine and body

Exercises for back and neck injuries must involve movement;

and that movement needs to be taught accurately and be controlled;

this is where our Physiotherapists excel in the field of low back and neck pain rehabilitation.

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