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Sports research clearly demonstrates, that if you sustain an injury this season, there is a VERY HIGH probability that you will sustain an injury in the following season.

Get your injury rehabilitation and recovery right the first time!

Our Sports Injury Recovery Programs reduce your injury risk by 50%

Sports Injuries require specific rehabilitation programs and your injury recovery is never generalised because every athlete’s injury, their sport played and their individual physiology is unique.

Our research identifies that each sport has different injury rates and different recovery timeframes.

Understanding your sport enables us to deliver you the world’s best rehabilitation recovery program for your Sports Injury.

Our Sports Injury recovery programs are built on the scientific understanding of the specific Injury incidences within each sport that you play, the biomechanical and movement errors that occur in each particular sport, injury recovery timeframes and the provision of the right corrective exercise at the necessary point of physiological repair.

Recovery from your sport injury will include:

  • Accurate Diagnosis of what is damaged and how bad it is
  • Treatment Pathway identified – with timeframes for expected recovery and physiologic goals
  • Movement Analysis – identify faulty movement patterns
  • FMS and Y Balance Assessment – identifies your risk of re-injury and readiness to return to play
  • Corrective Exercises to specifically address mobility issues and movement dysfunction
  • Strength and Endurance programming
  • Running analysis
    • Technique Coaching
    • Speed / Agility / Quickness
    • Endurance running

If we train muscles we will forget Movements,
but if we train Movements we will never forget muscles

Sports Injury Recovery Program

Our Injury recovery program is an exciting and innovative new model for Physical Therapy of sports Injuries combining expert manual therapy with biomechanical analysis, technique correction and Performance strength programs.

The standard idea of sports injury rehabilitation as universally applicable protocols and enforced rest is removed at Advance Physiotherapy in favour of individualised treatment following our A3 Physiotherapy Performance and Recovery program. Far too often athletes are provided passive treatments such as rest, electrical stimulation and ultrasound without any focus on active healing or correction of movement inefficiencies.

Our manual therapy is focused on healing damaged tissue, while aggressively working on correcting your biomechanical inefficiencies to Advance your performance. Athletes report that they return from injury at a superior level of competition.

The human body moves easily and recovers from injury fastest when you are pain free and when inflammation is not present. The soft tissues of your body – your muscle fibre, tendon fibre, joint capsule and ligaments must not restrict your athletic movements. Our treatment choices follow this principle of human function and our treatments are focused on control of inflammation, promoting full functional movement with perfect muscular control. Clinical decisions are based upon your individual evaluation findings and not a pre-existing protocol.

Our manual techniques are a combination of joint and tissue mobilisation along with research proven manual therapy approaches applied to each athlete in a customised fashion to produce Advance Performance and best results.

Combining an expert level of manual therapy with proven physiologic responses, produces rapid gains in function that are retained.


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