The initial session consists of a Running Biomechanical Assessment. We will video you running on the treadmill, using the most current analysis software to provide a detailed assessment of your running technique to identify your movement asymmetries and muscle weaknesses.

We will use video analysis and slow motion footage of your running technique to help identify your key inefficiencies for improvement.

Each coaching session is one hour long. Sessions are fast paced, dynamic & fun. You will leave feeling like you’ve had a real workout, & also that you have gained a real understanding of what it feels like to run correctly. In each session, you will spend time running on the treadmill focusing on particular cue points as well as time off the treadmill working on dynamic mobility, strength & technical running exercises.

Your coaching sessions will develop your running technique to a stronger, more efficient & injury-resistant way to run.  You will be required to undergo a personalised program of corrective exercises to target your joint restrictions as well as running technique.

We will take you through a customised running movement screen to assess which exercises are required to assist you in running correctly. You may have mobility issues that need correcting or muscle weakness that require strength improvement, or a combination of both. The movement screen allows us to accurately identify your movement faults & relate it to your running technique.

Your physiotherapist will use the results from your Running Biomechanical Assessment to develop your personalised correctiveprogram. The program is delivered over 12 weeks & includes 6 treadmill-based coaching sessions plus your individual corrective exercise program. Your corrective program will include specific drills to help you build a stronger technique as well as guidance on how to integrate this in to your training runs.

At the end of the 6 sessions we video you again & show you your initial & final videos side-by-side so that you can clearly see the improvements you’ve made. We may also video you at other stages through the program to help you see your progress & give you more feedback on refining your technique.

The A3 Performance Running program is ideal for runners of all abilities training for running events.

Sessions are tailored specifically for your fitness level & running background, as we have trained everyone from first-time fun-runners through to serious competitors.

Browse through the before-&-after videos for examples of improvements we have made to peoples technique through the A3 Performance Running program.

Once you have completed your running program we will offer you some great options to keep improving your running performance by joining one of our A3 Performance Centre programs to build all-round physical strength as well as increase your running ability.

For more information on how the A3 Performance Running program can help you improve your running performance, get more enjoyment out of your training & reduce your risk of injury call us on 9452 2626 to book your running assessment.