Mark is fascinated and passionate about the human body; how it is made, how we move and how we can best recover from injuries and achieve high performance

Mark became a Physiotherapist as he has an intuitive ability to understand people, their injury and how they need to recover.

Having first tried Psychology in 1991, Mark realised his real calling was to work with the physical body. So, in 1994, Mark graduated from Sydney University with his Bachelors in Physiotherapy.

Mark works primarily with complex musculoskeletal injuries, especially injuries to the discs of the spine and the resultant dysfunctional and compensatory movements people adopt.

Mark is now strongly focusing on the rehabilitation of people recovering from Cancer. Cancer treatment basically ‘smashes’ the person, leaving them weak, exhausted and frightened. With both his psychological background and with his extensive knowledge of the human body, Mark is assisting his Cancer clients take control of their lives, their bodies and the pursuit of their goals, not just the short-term recovery, but long-term life changing goals.

Mark works with elite and recreational athletes in all sports, with note, Mark has been the Team Physiotherapist for the North Harbour Rays National Rugby Championship team 2014, Gordon Rugby Union Club Physiotherapist 2012 -14, Wakehurst Tigers Men’s Premier League Football, Classical Ballet Dancers, State Swimming, Weight Lifters. You name the sport and Marks has worked with athletes.

A significant adjunct to how Mark rehabilitates his clients, is through the use of Clinical Pilates and Performance strength and conditioning to assist in the correct development of Neuroplasticity for improved foundational movement, strength and execution of sporting technique.

Mark is a very happy, energetic and passionately dedicated person to his profession and to his clients. Mark is strongly focused on achieving his long-term goals for his profession, businesses and personal goals.