Elise is a senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at Advance Physiotherapy joining our Practice in 2011. Elise has developed a wealth of knowledge regarding injuries and recovery plans for optimal Performance.

Elise is now focussing her clinical experience to Women’s Health; including incontinence, pelvic floor weakness and prolapse, preventative care during pregnancy and post-natal recovery.

Elise is also a Cancer Physiotherapist, certified with Pinc and Steel, aiding in the recovery during and after Cancer treatment. The effects of Cancer treatments can be awful, and in her undergraduate days, Elise completed her honours thesis in the Role of Exercise and Cancer. Physiotherapist supervised Exercise is extraordinarily powerful for the best recovery from Cancer.

Elise’s knowledge and experience in optimising Sports Performance and implementing injury prevention in young athletes, has led Elise to now work with a group of talented adolescent tennis players in combination with Advance Physiotherapy and the Warwick Tennis Academy to improve the abilities and performance of Australia’s next Tennis champions.