Pillar Preparation – for correct whole body movement

Pillar Preparation redefines core stability to include the complete integration of shoulders, torso, and hips working together to produce efficient movement patterns for your everyday activities and sport.

If the pillar of the body lacks stability & mobility, inefficient movement and energy leaks are the result, increasing your risk of injury.
Why is the Pillar and Core stability so important?
To ensure efficient movement is achieved by having local stability of the shoulders, trunk and hips.

  • At the center of ALL MOVEMENT
  • Generates energy and power for movement, speed and agility
  • Transfers energy through the body

Sport Specific Application

Pillar Strength is a critical training component for all athletes to understand as virtually every movement requires the production and transfer of force through the shoulders, torso, and hips.

  • Peak performance is achieved
  • Increased durability and reduced injuries

Pillar Strength adds to the understanding of the Importance of Kinetic linking

  • Energy is generated from proximal (the centre) to distal (arms and legs)
  • Energy must be conserved in the system

Efficient movement allows for the transfer of energy through and from the core and pillar of the body
Energy leaks cause

  • Increased force/stress on muscle tissue or to the joints
  • Higher chance of injury

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