These are all the possible elements of your body, mind and life that could have a bearing on why you became injured and are slow to heal and impact upon your recovery.

It is our endeavour to work with you to identify all of the contributing factors to your current injury and recurrent injury issues so as you gain a complete recovery, obtain vitality and reach your performance goals.

Your contributing factors could include:

  • Movement dysfunctions
  • Postural issues
  • Joint stiffness and tightness
  • Muscle Length – particularly shortness of your muscles
  • Neurodynamic ability – tension in your nerve and spinal cord
  • Psychology and attitude: emotions, thoughts and reactions
  • Intent of your training – what is it you bring mentally to your training sessions
  • Biochemical elements of your body
  • Environment in which you live, work and compete in sport
  • Social aspects – family, friends, and the wider network of people who influence you with their opinions