What is Clinical Pilates?

It is a specific regime of targeted therapeutic and strengthening exercises developed by physiotherapists to improve your injury recovery and prevention. The exercises are provided at the right point of physiological recovery to ensure your injury recovers as fast as possible.

University proven exercises that we use in our classes will ensure that you achieve.

  • Correct Core muscle activation & strength
  • Correct posture
  • Correct breathing technique
  • Correct recovery of your injury

How are our classes different?

  • Physiotherapists supervise and instruct the classes
  • Small class numbers ( Max. of 4 people)
  • Each client uses a Clinical Pilates reformer
  • Exercise program is specific to your injury & recovery
  • Progressive resistance muscle training from easy to challenging
  • Low impact on your joints

Our Spinal Strengthening programs will provide

  • Strength & resistance to further spinal muscle, disc & joint injury
  • A strong core
  • Improve your whole body alignment
  • Enhance your co-ordination
  • Facilitate greater mobility and flexibility
  • Advance your sporting performance

CORE of the Human body is 4 key integral components

  • Diaphragm – learn how to use this most vital of muscles for a stronger and symmetrical body
  • Pelvic Floor – must learn to contract and relax these muscles during movement
  • Transverse Abdominus – orset of the spine – perhaps the most important muscle in the body
  • Multifidus – the muscle that prevents injury to the spine