Fast tracking your Physical Therapy with your accelerated rehabilitation program will address the required correction of your muscle and movement issues. Neuroplasticity is at the core of your movement correction and strength development program.

Fast tracking your Physical Therapy through Performance Correction Programs

Quality human performance occurs when the body moves efficiently and without damage.

Based upon your injured anatomy and individual needs your Rehabilitation program may include:

  • Joint mobility and muscle tissue management
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Biomechanical Assessment
  • Movement analysis video session
  • Contributing Factors to why you became injured
  • Functional Movement Analysis
  • Injury risk assessment and prevention
  • Regeneration and recovery strategies


Your Corrective exercise program will address

  • Underlying causes of how you injured yourself
  • Identification and correction of the Contributing Factors responsible for your injury
  • A progressively structured exercise program clearly set out for you to perform to rehabilitate your injury.
  • Developing enhanced foundational movement patterns as a baseline for your return to higher and advance performance.

Fast tracking your Physical Therapy

Our Accelerated rehabilitation utilises the world’s best recovery programs scientifically proven to give the fastest and most accurate result and recovery.

You will be given an identified Treatment Pathway highlighting your key problem areas, the required corrective rehabilitation program and performance goals you wish to achieve.

Too many people are being delivered passive treatment, usually consisting of rest, anti-inflammatory medication, massage, ultrasound and some form of electrical stimulation, only to return to daily life or their chosen sport with their faulty movement patterns uncorrected, and subsequently will re-injure and develop a chronic injury.

Accelerating your rehabilitation is achieved through the precise delivery of corrective exercises and movement pattern instruction based upon your A1 accurate diagnosis and physical assessment results. Through performance of high repetition, low load exercise drills, your nervous system will undergo neuroplasticity that not only enhances your injury recovery but also corrects the compensatory movement dysfunctions and Contributing Factors in your body that have led to your injury.